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Always keen to share knowledge and spread the word about Mutual Distributed Ledgers, we were delighted when one of our favourite clients [“ssh! They are all our favourites!”  Ed] asked us to build a one day crash course on the subject.  Especially since the course has proved so successful that we can start to offer it to others.  This course is for senior professionals from business, financial services, law, regulators and any other sector who want to "Get a big picture grip on the details".  You will leave with a realistic understanding of the ways you can use MDLs or Blockchains in your business.  The content includes:

  • A basic appreciation of the technologies that underpin MDLs
  • Understanding of the different types of MDLs and how they can be used
  • Sight and use of live MDLs with business data
  • Discussion of how the technology could be used for your business or industry

Regular readers will know that we have already built applications for insurance, Know Your Customer/AML and Corporate Credit.  Unlike many others, we in Z/Yen have real life business experience of using MDLS, and the knowledge that can help your organisation make the right choices.  The course is led by Z/Yen’s MDL team, including Michael Mainelli, Mike Smith and Mary O’Callaghan. 

The next course will take place on 30 November 2015, at Z/Yen’s City office.  For booking and further details visit the event page here.  If you have other questions, contact