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Title Author Year Publisher
Unchaining Public Services - Will Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka blockchains) Power a Public Sector Revolution? Simon Mills and Michael Mainelli 2016
The Financial Technologist, Harrington Starr (July 2016), pages 30-32
The Impact And Potential Of Blockchain On The Securities Transaction Lifecycle Michael Mainelli and Alistair Milne 2016
SWIFT Institute (May 2016), 80 pages.
What Is And What Isn't A 'Blockchain'? Terminology Wars - I Record Therefore I Ledger; I Block Therefore I Chain? Michael Mainelli 2016
The Finanser, FS Club (4 February 2016).
Chain Of A Lifetime: How Blockchain Technology Might Transform Personal Insurance Michael Mainelli and Chiara von Gunten 2014
Z/Yen Group, Long Finance (December 2014), 51 pages.
Don't Leave Money On The Table (securities class actions and outsourcing) Michael Mainelli and David Seidel 2014
Securities & Investment Review, Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (9 July 2014).
Offshoring Navigates An Uncertain Course Michael Mainelli and Leslie Willcocks 2009
Foreign Direct Investment, Financial Times Limited (June/July 2009), pages 100-101.
The Tender Trap Part 2 - The Winner Takes It All Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 2008
Charity Finance, Plaza Publishing Limited, pages 40-41
Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor: Buyers And Sellers Beware The Tender Trap Ian Harris, Michael Mainelli and Haydn Jones 2008
Journal of Strategic Change, Volume 17, Number 1/2, John Wiley & Sons (Jan-May 2008), pages 1-9.
The Tender Trap Part 1 - Procuring Ian Harris and Michael Mainelli 2007
Charity Finance, Plaza Publishing Limited, pages 42-43.
Best Of Both Worlds Ian Harris, Charles Bartlett, John Graham, Charles Nall 2006
Charity Times, Perspective Publishing, pages 58-59.
Double Act Ian Harris 2005
Accountancy Age, VNU Business Publications, page 20.
Insuring Risks Rewarding Procurement: Proactive And Reactive Link Of Procurement To Business Strategy Michael Mainelli and Haydn Jones 2005, 12 pages.
Benchmarking Facilities Management Michael Mainelli 2005
Essential FM Report, Number 43, Tottel Publishing, pages 6-7.
Commons Management - Calamity Or Blessing Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris 2004
Spectra, The Journal of the Management Consultancies Association, pages 16-18.
Managing PFI And PPP Contracts Michael Mainelli 2004
Essential FM Report, Number 40, LexisNexis Butterworths, page 17.
The Economics Of Risk (Valuing Facilities Management Outsourcing Through Volatility Reduction) Michael Mainelli 2004
Essential FM Report, Number 37, LexisNexis Butterworths, pages 11-13.
PFI And PPP: Could They Result In Enron UK? Michael Mainelli 2003
Balance Sheet, The Michael Mainelli Column, Volume 11, Number 2, MCB University Press, pages 39-43.
When It Pays To Put A Value On Certainty Michael Mainelli and Rakesh Shah 2002
Facilities Management, Volume 9, Number 11, Butterworths Tolley, pages 24-25.
Facilities Management Should Clasp The ASP To Its Breast Michael Mainelli 2001
Opinion, The Facilities Business, Issue 8, Volume 2, The Builder Group plc, page 12.
Review Of Turning Lead Into Gold: The Demystification Of Outsourcing (By Peter Bendor-Samuel) Michael Mainelli 2001
I-FM Opinion, 2 pages.
ASPs Bite At The Banks Jeremy Smith and Ian Harris 2000
Conspectus, Prime Marketing Publications, page 29.
Reclaim The Middle Ground Michael Mainelli 2000
Opinion, The Facilities Business, The Builder Group plc, pages 15-16.
FM Strategy For The Yuppie, Activist, Bureaucrat Or Victim. Which Are You? Sarah-Jane Critchley and Michael Mainelli 2000
I-FM Opinion,, 4 pages.
Sleeping With The Enemy Ian Harris and Brendan May 2000
Charity Times,, 4 pages.
Good Grief, Whose Customers Are They? Michael Mainelli 2000
I-FM Opinion,, 5 pages.
Information Technology Michael Mainelli and Ian Harris 2000
The Charities Manual, Chapter 16, ICSA Publishing, pages 16/3-16/42.
41/2 On The FDA Scale Ian Harris 1999
Strategy, The Strategic Planning Society
External Affairs - Outsourcing Is The Way Ahead For Forward Thinking Companies (DOC) Jeremy Smith 1999
The Banker, Financial Times Business, pages 68-69.
Include Me Out: Exclude Me In? (Outsourcing And The Professions) Mary Pasby and Michael Mainelli 1999
Managing Partners' Forum, Number 17, Professional Connections International, pages 2-3.
Private Success, Public Problems - Organisational Change During Privatisation Michael Mainelli 1997
The Public Sector A-Z of Human Resources 1997, Public Sector Information Ltd, pages 80-82.