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Global consultancy – Identity Validator

This use case demonstrates the distributed ledger functionality to be used by an identity validation service.  The service will review and validate identity and financial information about high net worth individuals, adding it to the distributed ledger to confirm they have verified it.  A third party, e.g. a bank or financial service provider, can be given secure access to the chain to confirm that the individual’s information has been verified.   This validation service will be useful to individuals who need to comply with Anti Money Laundering or Know Your Customer requirements. 

Corporate diligence specialist – Corporate Credit

This use case demonstrates the functionality and storage that uses allows companies to use distributed ledgers to validate their identity and report on their finances.  A trusted third party reviews the company information and adds it to the distributed ledger, thereby confirming they have verified the information.  Potential creditors or business partners are provided with a public key, allowing them to either confirm that the information has been verified, or view the company information itself. 

Financial conglomerate incl. insurance activities – Insurance

This use case demonstrates how an individual or business seeking an insurance policy can store their insurance history and relevant data on a distributed ledger and share the key with an insurance company when applying for a new policy, or an endorsement to a new policy.  New policy details can be added to the chain allowing the policyholder to easily request new policies or updates.