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Alongside Cardano Foundation, the programme's principal sponsor, Z/Yen is sponsoring Long Finance's Distributed Futures

Distributed Futures is a significant part of the Long Finance research programme managed by Z/Yen Group. The programme includes a wide variety of activities ranging from developing new technologies, proofs-of-concept demonstrators and pilots, through research papers and commissioned reports, events, seminars, lectures and online fora.

Distributed Futures topics include mutual distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, cyrptocurrencies, blockchains, FinTech, RegTech, and the internet-of-things. Distributed Futures has already published significantly on smart ledgers and completed two large pieces of research with the Cardano Foundation - “Responsibility Without Power? The Governance Of Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka Blockchains)” in 2017, and “The Missing Links In The Chains? Mutual Distributed Ledger (aka blockchain) Standards” in 2016.

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