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The virtual office, in which the protagonists of the organisation work peripatetically and/or from home, is a sensible model for many organisations, especially those that are knowledge-based and mainly utilise skilled people. Many organisations have considered the concept of the virtual office, but few have implemented the concept. Suitable sectors include professional services, financial services, start-ups, membership/campaigning and business to business services. Z/Yen established its virtual office for its risk/reward management practice in 1994 in the City, as a City of London "presence" is often required, and has provided managed office services to third parties since 1996.

Z/Yen has been lauded as a rare, case study, example of putting the theory of the virtual office into extensive practice. (Real Estate and Corporate Strategy, Chapter 20, Marion Weatherhead, Macmillan, 1997). Using established technologies such as ISDN, mobile telephony, computerised telephone switching, voicemail, wide-area-networking, electronic mail and the Internet ("no wizardry", as Weatherhead puts it), people who work the Z/Yen way are probably more readily accessible to clients and colleagues than most traditional office-based staff. A small, efficient headquarters team is there to provide callers with a human voice unless the caller chooses to communicate through gadgetry alone. We provide temporary space and use of meeting rooms, but Z/Yen people and users of Z/Yen managed office services primarily work from homes throughout the UK and from client sites throughout the world.

Z/Yen’s managed office services normally include the use of base infrastructure (telephone equipment, voice mail, computers, Windows NT network) and ad hoc secretarial services (telephone reception, incoming mail, scheduling appointments, typing and filing). We believe in complete openness on costing and pricing so you can judge the benefits we provide and value we add. Managed office services also include:

  • accounting services (financial accounts, management accounts, billing, time recording, statutory compliance);
  • procurement management (e.g. information technology, stationery, insurance);
  • marketing services (direct marketing, contact management, web site management);
  • library and research services;
  • space (occasional use of meeting rooms, storage);
  • events management (conferences, courses, seminars, focus groups, client entertainment);
  • process management (ISO 9000, PPRISM sales and marketing, project management).

Z/Yen is a risk/reward management practice. We believe in minimising risks and maximising rewards from our endeavours and believe that the low fixed overheads and high flexibility of our virtual office is an important element of risk/reward management in practice. Z/Yen’s managed office services enable client organisations to benefit from Z/Yen’s virtual office experience and infrastructure while the client organisations concentrate on their core businesses. Benefits available to users of Z/Yen’s managed office services include:

  • expandability - enjoying lower overheads and higher flexibility;
  • economies of scale - better facilities at similar cost, geographical spread;
  • high staff motivation for those people drawn to teleworking environments;
  • professional call-handling and messaging service;
  • friendly and efficient back office services without management diversion.