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Training And Coaching

Predictive analytics are mathematical tools that analyse current or historical facts to predict future unknown events. Using Support Vector Machines, usually through an Excel front end, organisations with large data sets, such as donor information systems can classify and predict likely behaviours and outcomes.  Z/Yen has been working with clients to make use of these tools for more than a decade.  Our clients have been able to:

    • improve customer and member income and retention,
    • reduce volumes of unsuccessful contacts,
    • predict the effectiveness of grant making,
    • reduce errors and manual input in transaction processing.

As Z/Yen has worked with predictive analytics over time, the software tools required have shrunk from complicated and expensive bespoke applications to still complicated, but low cost or free, Excel add ons.  Z/Yen are excellently positioned to help you understand how and when you can use Predictive Analytics.  Our experience includes work with our original predictive engine PropheZy, as well as our visualisation tool VizZy.

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Z/Yen runs regular training courses on Predictive Analytics, see here for more details.

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Mutual Distributed Ledgers (aka Blockchains) have the potential to transform the way people and organisations handle identities, transactions, debts, and contracts. The ability to have a globally available, verifiable, and high-integrity ledger or journal provides anyone wishing to provide trusted third party services, i.e. most major financial services firms, the ability to do so openly and robustly.


"Ledgers are the infrastructure of finance. Mutual distributed ledgers are pervasive and permanent. They will transform all financial trust architectures - exchanges, insurers, banks, and information providers." Professor Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman of Z/Yen (2015)

Z/Yen have already built Mutual Distributed Ledgers (MDL) applications for Know Your Customer, Insurance and Corporate Credit businesses.  Z/Yen now offer intensive half day crash courses for senior leaders from finance, law, regulators, civil society and other sectors.

With hands on exercises using Blockchains in business scenarios, these courses offer a unique opportunity to grasp the theory and practice of MDLs/Blockchains.  You will leave the course with:

  • A basic appreciation of the technologies that underpin MDLs
  • Understanding of the different types of MDLs and how they can be used
  • Sight and use of live MDLs with business data
  • Discussion of how the technology could be used for your business or industry

In just half a day you will gain a realistic understanding of how MDLS could be used in your business and know what steps you need to take to build applications that can work in your organisation. 

Attendance at the course includes an optional business analysis session over a sandwich lunch, where you can discuss possible applications for your own business with Professors Mainelli and Smith, recognised leaders in the field of MDLs. 

"This course helped me understand the basics about the Blockchain.  I would recommend it to colleagues or friends" Gambling Regulator (2015)

These crash courses take place regularly with small groups of attendees.  Visit our Courses page to choose and book on to date that suits you and your team.