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Project Welcome and Foreword
Bob McDowall
Regulatory advisor to InterChainZ
Deputy Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee
States of Alderney

"Distributed ledger technology is one of the most interesting innovations I have encountered in the last decade. Distributed ledgers allow groups of people to validate, record, and track transactions across a network of decentralised computer systems. Current developments confirm that the technology has potential well beyond Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that revealed the technology. 

With the increasing pervasiveness of computers and the Internet, the demand for distributed ledgers has grown. The technology offers very promising prospects for application in a range of sectors; including financial services. Distributed ledgers could be particularly relevant to identity, compliance, contract and registry management...


Project Summary

Mutual Distributed Ledgers (MDLs) have the potential to transform the way people and organisations handle identity, transaction, and debt information.  The ability to have a globally available, verifiable, and untamperable source of data provides anyone wishing to provide trusted third party services, i.e. most financial services firms, the ability to do so cheaply and robustly.


Project Methodology

This research aimed to answer the core question – “what elements of a trusted third party are displaced by blockchain technology?” by providing a basic demonstrator of distributed ledgers, including blockchains, and comparing how they might work within selected financial services use cases. The research revolves around an online demonstrator of InterChainZ, Z/Yen’s prototype distributed ledger system.


Project Learning

The project findings are grouped into a number of learning themes, including Terminology, Identity, Validation Choices, Content Chains and Further Research.


Project Reflections

Drawing to the end of the InterChainZ research, we have made a number of observations.


Related Resources

Further Reading

We have prepared a list of websites, reports and articles which we have found useful whilst conducting our research. READ MORE
Research Consortium

The InterChainZ research consortium worked with Z/Yen and Long Finance to develop mutual distributed ledgers functionality. The members are:

Next Steps

We are excited about the next stage of research IntereXchainZ which will extend the functionality to include a functioning market place and exchange.