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Z/Yen Group developed one of the first tools for Predictive Analytics more than 10 years ago. We have been working with organisations in Banking, Investment and Insurance to improve decision-making in every area of risk selection and value pricing whether it is recommending products to customers, pricing packages of products, calculating likely competitive prices, spotting unusual trends in wins or losses, or just helping to audit the entire process by identifying anomalies. Based on this experience and success, Z/Yen have developed a set of training sessions to enhance understanding of predictive analytic methods for Financial Services organisations. There are two main types of courses:

  • An appreciation course for senior managers and information leaders that explains why they need to know about this, and exactly how much they need to know themselves – so they can ask the right questions and understand the answers.
  • A practical course for experienced data experts or “ninjas” with good Excel and analytical skills who want to be able to get more from data.

Develop the skills to help your organisation make better risk/reward decisions. A solid understanding of Predictive Analytics will allow you to:

  • forecast financial market behaviour;
  • create benchmark pricing models for complex products;
  • detect and reduce fraud through anomaly detection;
  • improve customer retention and increase business profitability;
  • fill in missing data to learn more about your customers;
  • automate compliance.

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