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Z/Yen Group developed one of the first tools for Predictive Analytics more than 10 years ago. We have been working with organisations in multiple sectors including Civil Society, Health and Financial Services to improve the allocation and utilisation of resources, reduce and minimise the impact of adverse events and improve outcomes. Based on this experience and success, Z/Yen have developed a set of training sessions to make predictive analytics available for the Health Sector and other Civil Society organisations. There are two main types of courses:

  • An appreciation course for senior managers and information leaders that explains why they need to know about this, and exactly how much they need to know themselves – so they can ask the right questions and understand the answers.
  • A practical course for experienced data experts or “ninjas” with good Excel and analytical skills who want to be able to get more from data.

Develop the skills to help your organisation make better risk/reward decisions. A solid understanding of Predictive Analytics will allow you to:

  • improved accuracy of diagnosis and prognosis;
  • better allocation and utilisation of resources;
  • anomaly detection of high risk patients and/or unusual/rare cases;
  • reduce the quantity and better manage the consequences of adverse events;
  • more certainty over compliance e.g. managing waiting times;
  • improve clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction through more personalised, targeted interventions.

For more information contact Ian Harris on 020 7562 9562 or